$199,476 Grant to support problem gambers

Nicky Howe (Chair of Linkwest) and Jane Chilcott (CEO of Linkwest). Picture: Cate Rocchi

Nicky Howe (Chair of Linkwest) and Jane Chilcott (CEO of Linkwest). Picture: Cate Rocchi

NEDLANDS-based not-for-profit community support organization – Linkwest – is proud to announce it has obtained a grant for $199,476 to facilitate help for problem gamblers in Western Australia.

Linkwest CEO Jane Chilcott said: “About 115,000 Australians are classified as problem gamblers with a further 280,000 people at moderate risk and many families, from all walks of life, need urgent community support.

“This grant will enable Linkwest to work with eight community centres throughout the state that are dealing with the fallout from problems caused by gambling in our community.

“Problem gambling causes a wide range of issues including marital and family breakdown, homelessness, suicide, job loss and bankruptcy.”

Mrs. Chilcott said that the social cost of problem gambling is estimated to be at least $4.7 billion a year. Linkwest chairperson Dr Nicky Howe said the gambling grant – provided jointly by the WA Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor and Department of Local Government and Communities will provide significant, grassroots opportunities to tackle the problem.  

Linkwest’s Our Ace Community – Beyond Gambling project will include community workshops, an awareness raising campaign and training for frontline staff. Linkwest is proud to be delivering the project in partnership with ConnectGroups, Centrecare, WA Association for Mental Health and Relationships Australia WA.  Eight WA community centres will be running the 30 Days 30 Ways community workshops, which will offer alternatives to social gambling and opportunities to bring communities together in creative ways. 

Linkwest is the peak body for community, neighbourhood and learning centres in Western Australia. It offers targeted and relevant training and support to those working in small community-managed, not-for-profit organisations. Linkwest, with a staff of six, offers crucial support to more than 75 members, including 35 regional and remote organisations. More than 70,000 Western Australians currently use these centres. The centres provide a friendly, welcoming place where local people can meet to learn, gain new skills, make friends and feel part of their community. They also provide a safe, affordable space for playgroups, community and support groups to gather. 

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