'Supportive Attitude, Pragmatic Approach and Huge Contribution': Leadership WA's Testimonial

Thank you Leadership WA for this thoughtful testimonial, it has given our small team a huge boost today, as we reflect on the past two years of working closely with this inspiring WA organisation.

'Perth Media has made a huge contribution to Leadership WA’s mission to help create an environment in Western Australia in which great and thoughtful leaders thrive and have the greatest possible impact.  Cate Rocchi and her team have consistently produced high-quality content for us, including the "10 Minutes onLeadership with . . . " Series published in WA Business News for the past year. Cate has also been instrumental in coverage of us in The Australian; ABC Radio’s The Country Hour; Oil & Gas Australia, and various community and rural publications such as The Kalgoorlie Miner, Pilbara News, and The Guardian Express.

I have particularly appreciated Cate’s guidance as we made the transition to a new brand and logo, and reshaped the vision and strategy for our organization.  She has helped me understand how we should best present ourselves, how we can most effectively explain what elements we are changing and what we are keeping, and how we can position ourselves in various media formats. Cate has also been generous in introducing me to potential sponsors and other supporters, and in promoting our programs and courses to her broader network.

Perth Media’s contributions were invaluable in helping me settle in as Leadership WA’s CEO, and in enabling us to make the best use of the media and branding opportunities available to us.  Our media profile has increased significantly because of our collaboration with Perth Media over the past two years.  

I am confident Cate Rocchi’s expertise, pragmatic approach, and supportive attitude will make Perth Media a valuable partner for any organization.'

- Leadership WA CEO Robin McClellan