PRINT profiling : Leadership WA workshop

Leadership WA is known for its unique leadership training programs. A vast number of professionals and individuals have taken courses from the organization and have seen a difference in their lives. I attended the first session of the PRINT workshop that was held at the Aloft hotel in Rivervale, Perth.

Leadership WA PRINT workshop

The session started at 12.30 pm and was hosted by Gene Howell, Leadership Development Manager. A couple of days before the session, participants were requested to fill a survey online, which would be used to create a PRINT profile. The survey was extensive and provided different scenarios and responses – based on each scenario and action, you can pick ‘a lot like me’ or ‘less like me’. Based on the answers, a score between 1-9 is allocated and major and minor motivators are identified. The results – that are handed over during the session – are comprehensive, covering the personality, potential best self behaviors and worst self behaviors (termed as shadow behaviors).

Gene explained how the major and minor motivators are linked to each other and what personality or behavior each number (between 1-9) corresponds to. He took the participants through detailed analysis of the PRINT report, talked us through possible behaviors and why we tend to behave the way we do. He also gave examples and insights on why certain individuals enjoy a specific type of work and how it is associated with their unconscious motivators.

There was also an activity after afternoon tea, where participants in each table were asked to make 15 paper cups in 20 minutes. The goal of the activity was to make us aware of our own strengths, motivation levels and shadow behaviors. The activity was effective since it did place a certain stress on the participants and while some coped well in pressure, some had trouble. Ultimately, we recognized our best self behaviors and our shadow behaviors which crop up from time to time based on situations.

The session also gave us an idea of what could potentially trigger our shadow behavior and some suggestions on how we could handle the triggers. Overall, the session was about creating self-awareness – which it did quite easily and simply. It helped me understand my motivators, potential shadow behaviors and helped me reflect on my actions and the way I work.

By Andal Shreedaran, Creative and Digital Consultant