Testimonial: 'Perth Media has been my PR Weapon' says Marina Herlihy of Marina's Ambrosia

“I teamed up with Perth Media in 2015 with very little time and effort on my part and I have never looked back. Media pitching as well as press releases proved a daunting and time consuming task for me as the owner of Marina’s Ambrosia. Cate took the freely divulged information and put it through an incredible transformation that was very on part,” says Marina Herlihy of Marina’s Ambrosia.

“Perth Media was pragmatic and the PR caliber that I put my complete trust in and without disappointment, they delivered.  I have found over the years that there are no guarantees in advertising but Perth Media streamlined my exposure in a way that brought me more sales compared to my own time consuming marketing efforts.

“Being a particular person, running a very particular cosmetic manufacturing business, Perth Media understood that I had ways of doing things. They listened and worked with my own ideas we well as merging their field expertise whilst professionally navigating between the intricate and at time difficult structural framework of the business. Their efforts produced the optimal results and exposure that I didn’t anticipate with much success.  

“Perth Media has been my PR weapon and strategy to get Marina’s Ambrosia noticed among all the brands flooding the current ‘Natural Beauty’ market. Sales are always a work in progress in a very fast and ever evolving market where consumers are always looking for the next best thing. 

Having Perth Media on my side has given me inspiration to think big and further enhance Marina’s Ambrosia’s genuine customer requirements to connect, engage and continue to inspire.

“I highly recommend Perth Media to any business owner that is looking at taking their business to the next level on the entrepreneurial playing field. In order to score the meet the goals, Perth Media brings the perfect PR set up to the game for a successful win, every time.”