Magician Ghupi to Offer Kids’ Masterclass in Perth


Perth Magician to Offer Kids’ Masterclass at RSL Hall, Applecross

Ghupi Teaches Kids Magic Arts and Self Confidence

A YOUNG illusionist and escapologist – Ghupi – will feature in a fantastic holiday magic masterclass on 23rd January, from 9am-12 noon, at the RSL Hall on Kintail Road, in Applecross, Perth.

 The event will also include a 30-minute performance by Ghupi.

 “Learning magic tricks not only entertains others, but it can also develop confidence in young children,” Ghupi said.

“We can offer children aged eight to fourteen, a remarkable experience. Not only showing and teaching them magic, but also helping them to become more creative by learning the ‘performance’ and the ‘make believe’ of magic.

“Performance skills build confidence and that is an important part of life – in school, work or personal relationships. A lot of children these days have a fear of public speaking or suffer from a phobia. They may have a disability such dyslexia, low self esteem, low confidence or depression and, from personal past experience, I know that magic can change your life.”

Anything is possible. “You may deliver something so amazing it will leave the world in awe,” he said.

Spaces are limited. Please contact to register your interest and you will be sent an invoice and registration form. The event, organized by Perth Media, costs $25 for children (and adults if they attend the session).

For more information contact:

Ghupi, Ghupi Entertainment Magic School (GEMS); 0467059179,

Cate Rocchi, Perth Media, 0428431699,


Ghupi, 21, was born in South Africa and came to Australia in 2010. He is an illusionist and escapologist and lives in Jindalee, Perth.

Ghupi is his stage name. The name came about when his friends originally nicknamed him Ghupi after the small river fish (guppy), after he preformed an amazing escape underwater.  Ghupi also means ‘loved one’ in Greek. He was not always a confident young man and, as a teenager, Ghupi suffered from depression. Magic and performing has given him a great deal of confidence and he wants to share that experience with others.

As an escapologist, Ghupi studies death-defying stunts and escapes and has perfected some amazing tricks. He has entertained people all over the world and has performed in the US and Europe. He has also performed on TV show Australia’s Got Talent and for a wide range of community events, including the Edge Tour. In Australia, charity work has led him to donate more than $1000 to cystic fibrosis.

Ghupi holds three world records. The world speed record from escaping a straight jacket and the Australian speed record from escaping a straight jacket (2012).  At the time he was the youngest escape artist in Australia. Last year he performed an escape called ‘Anchored’ in which he jumped into the water at Hilarys Boat Harbour on a 10-metre chain. He had one breath to unpick the handcuff lock and undo chains. That escape was inspired by Harry Houdini’s reported leap into the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In New York, Ghupi recently worked at a summer camp called French Woods Festival teaching kids magic. Once a week he helped create a show later performed to more than 1600 people.  Now Ghupi also performs at private parties and corporate events.

Background: Ghupi Entertainment Magic School (GEMS)

GEMS, run by Ghupi, began in January, 2015.

Children learn close up magic such as card tricks and vanishing tricks as well as presentation skills and tips on how to perform and improvise.  Special effects and choreography of performances will be also featured. “My magic school wants to show people there is more to magic than just flinging coins around,” Ghupi said.

 “I want to help kids get that magic feeling, that wow factor which is so much fun.  I believe that small things can change a person and build confidence – this helps not just to as a performer but can also eliminate any fears or weakness from your mind.”