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New Perth Media Office: 10/117 Broadway, Nedlands

Come in and see us!

Come in and see us!

To celebrate our new office opening!

For the next month, we are offering exclusive Media Release writing services. For $500 (plus GST) we can draft a tailored media release/blog for your company/organisation with one of our experienced consultants.

Blogging Tips: Media Training with Denmark Chamber of Commerce

Last week, we spent several days in Denmark in the remote south coast of Western Australia - one of the state's most beautiful spots. More than 20 came along to a Perth Media training session (facilitated by the Denmark Chamber of Commerce), and here are some of the tips we shared. Happy blogging!

1.     Go with your strengths: vlog, pics, individuals in the team strengths, photos, writing.

2.     The power of great writing is immense, to draw followers/customers.

3.     Positivity important.

4.     Sell your experiences.

5.     Promote events. Events generate news/customers/drives economic development.

6.     Design your blogs with your preferred social media in mind: instagram; twitter; facebook; linkedin..They all have different needs and different audiences, you can't tell/force your customers which social media to use.

7.     Work out how to share your content.

8.     Create content/blog calendar with deadline. Includes testimonials (3rd party endorsements); FAQs (frequency asked questions); video; long and short blogs. Blogs do not mean long columns. There maybe only one long blog each year, but make it a good well-written one.

9.     Content strategy has to be responsive; constantly changing; has to be flexible, and needs to respond to audience.

10.  Content strategy, needs to be seasonal. IE Christmas/Easter/Winter (bonfire themes; bushwalking); writers festival; Denmark Experience; Long table lunches; poetry/music festival, are examples. Festivals provide multiple ideas for content IE performer profiles; acts; reviews; insights of different skills for experiences, IE botanist walks; indigenous experts; cooks; films. Film tours/content on the back of Tim Winton’s Breath. Holiday packages around Breath tours.

11.  Look into possibility of outsourcing editing. Don't be delusional about your own copy/editing skills. It will impact on your brand.

12.  Quirky stories, are gold. ‘For outsiders everything is interesting,' says Creative and Digital consultant Andal Shreedaran at Perth Media. What is wonderful of Denmark and your own individual businesses?

13.  Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. For blog distribution and sharing the load for events.

14.  Always check facts.

15.  Understand copyright.

16.  Build your own collection of images.

17.  Use press release/presspack stories as blogs.

18.  Read, read, read. Seek out good writing, understand the difference between good, mediocre and bad.

19.  Read your own writing aloud. Make every word count. Be strict cutting, and work on making writing clear. Be descriptive but not flowery and over the top.

20.  Volunteer for charity to get experience as a blogger. You can write the stories of those that need assistance, while you polish your craft.

21.  Identify your passions, your strengths, your interests.

22.  Tell only best stories, and start with the very best one first. Focus also on the opening para.

23.  Understand google rankings and the reason blogs impact on business sales.

24.  Develop relationships with other companies/bloggers/publications.

25.  Understand importance of themes in content creation and promotions.

26.  Do something every day, as part of your BD.

27.  Appeal to different target markets of your products. IE kid friendly; backpackers.

28.  Content strategy: incorporate key words, such as ‘Denmark’ ‘tourism’.

29.  The only thing stopping you writing and promoting your business is you.

Or too busy, call Perth Media now. We can help with a content package right now!

Introducing Andal Shreedaran and Quick-Fire Podcasting Media Training in Perth Next Monday

This is global technology PR specialist, writer and podcasting expert, Andal Shreedaran. She is working with Perth Media next Monday morning, 21st November, from 9.30-12.30. Interviewing clients (as a business reporter would) and making podcasts from the interview. Each session consists of a 10-minute formal business-style interview and 20-minute media training workshop, including narrowing down answers for specific questions.  Cost for the completed podcast, and workshop is $200.

This is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your verbal communication and improve your skills answering questions in a formal interview. Andal has global experience assisting the CEOs of technology companies to explain their businesses simply and effectively.


Perth Media-Sponsored Movie Night This Saturday on Target to Raise $1000 for Fiji School Rebuild

Great movie night at Luna SX in Fremantle this Saturday night, starting at 5pm. Free goodie bags for the kids and great cause. Film is Hunt for the Wilderpeople..Tickets $30 each.

All funds will go to Vunikavikaloa Arya School (Vunika for short) in Fiji to rebuild their school.

My friend Ruxandra Lazarescu, is currently living in Fiji,  and she will be administering the funds raised personally.

Thank you, Cate Rocchi (CEO Perth Media)

Please join us: RSVP to and you will be invoiced.

Partners in Grain WA Testimonial for Inspire Summit in Perth

Perth Media help attract press coverage for client Partners in Grain WA in The Weekend Australian's Business Pulse of the Nation; The Countryman; Farming Ahead Online; ABC Mid West; ABC Great Southern; and ABC South West.

"Partners in Grain WA recently held a Summit that had limited opportunity for participants to attend and was not open to the general public, however the importance of the event being held and the learnings coming out of it were relevant and valuable to the wider industry. Engaging Perth Media was instrumental in gaining state and national exposure of the Summit, its key achievements, awareness of our organisation and our ability to exceed sponsors expectations. Cate’s PR skills turned our relatively small event into a positive national news story for the farming sector and wider agricultural and business sectors."
Erin Green, coordinator, Partners in Grain WA
From left: Todd Charteris (national manager of Rabobank); Erin Green (Partners in Grain WA coordinator); Steve Kelly (acting WA manager of Rabobank); and Laura Grubb (speaker, Youth-Ag delegate and WA Agvocate). Picture: Perth Media

From left: Todd Charteris (national manager of Rabobank); Erin Green (Partners in Grain WA coordinator); Steve Kelly (acting WA manager of Rabobank); and Laura Grubb (speaker, Youth-Ag delegate and WA Agvocate). Picture: Perth Media


Magician Ghupi to Offer Kids’ Masterclass in Perth


Perth Magician to Offer Kids’ Masterclass at RSL Hall, Applecross

Ghupi Teaches Kids Magic Arts and Self Confidence

A YOUNG illusionist and escapologist – Ghupi – will feature in a fantastic holiday magic masterclass on 23rd January, from 9am-12 noon, at the RSL Hall on Kintail Road, in Applecross, Perth.

 The event will also include a 30-minute performance by Ghupi.

 “Learning magic tricks not only entertains others, but it can also develop confidence in young children,” Ghupi said.

“We can offer children aged eight to fourteen, a remarkable experience. Not only showing and teaching them magic, but also helping them to become more creative by learning the ‘performance’ and the ‘make believe’ of magic.

“Performance skills build confidence and that is an important part of life – in school, work or personal relationships. A lot of children these days have a fear of public speaking or suffer from a phobia. They may have a disability such dyslexia, low self esteem, low confidence or depression and, from personal past experience, I know that magic can change your life.”

Anything is possible. “You may deliver something so amazing it will leave the world in awe,” he said.

Spaces are limited. Please contact to register your interest and you will be sent an invoice and registration form. The event, organized by Perth Media, costs $25 for children (and adults if they attend the session).

For more information contact:

Ghupi, Ghupi Entertainment Magic School (GEMS); 0467059179,

Cate Rocchi, Perth Media, 0428431699,


Ghupi, 21, was born in South Africa and came to Australia in 2010. He is an illusionist and escapologist and lives in Jindalee, Perth.

Ghupi is his stage name. The name came about when his friends originally nicknamed him Ghupi after the small river fish (guppy), after he preformed an amazing escape underwater.  Ghupi also means ‘loved one’ in Greek. He was not always a confident young man and, as a teenager, Ghupi suffered from depression. Magic and performing has given him a great deal of confidence and he wants to share that experience with others.

As an escapologist, Ghupi studies death-defying stunts and escapes and has perfected some amazing tricks. He has entertained people all over the world and has performed in the US and Europe. He has also performed on TV show Australia’s Got Talent and for a wide range of community events, including the Edge Tour. In Australia, charity work has led him to donate more than $1000 to cystic fibrosis.

Ghupi holds three world records. The world speed record from escaping a straight jacket and the Australian speed record from escaping a straight jacket (2012).  At the time he was the youngest escape artist in Australia. Last year he performed an escape called ‘Anchored’ in which he jumped into the water at Hilarys Boat Harbour on a 10-metre chain. He had one breath to unpick the handcuff lock and undo chains. That escape was inspired by Harry Houdini’s reported leap into the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In New York, Ghupi recently worked at a summer camp called French Woods Festival teaching kids magic. Once a week he helped create a show later performed to more than 1600 people.  Now Ghupi also performs at private parties and corporate events.

Background: Ghupi Entertainment Magic School (GEMS)

GEMS, run by Ghupi, began in January, 2015.

Children learn close up magic such as card tricks and vanishing tricks as well as presentation skills and tips on how to perform and improvise.  Special effects and choreography of performances will be also featured. “My magic school wants to show people there is more to magic than just flinging coins around,” Ghupi said.

 “I want to help kids get that magic feeling, that wow factor which is so much fun.  I believe that small things can change a person and build confidence – this helps not just to as a performer but can also eliminate any fears or weakness from your mind.”