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Case Study: Small Business Captivate On Hold (global tech company based in Perth, Western Australia)

Graphic by Nic van Straalen, Perth Media

Graphic by Nic van Straalen, Perth Media

People often ask – what does a media company do?

Primarily Perth Media, responds to its client’s needs. All small business are on tight budgets and have different strengths, and we always try to offer real value for money and complement our client’s own areas of expertise. If the team in-house are good writers, then our team may focus on graphics or PR, for example. Or, if the client already has great media connections, our team may set up social media scheduling, content calendars and begin a video blog schedule or write a series of press releases to assist in-house PR.

 In the case of Mark Horwood (CEO of Captivate On Hold; former head of the Truffle Producers of Western Australia and one-time truffle farmer), it has been all about flexibility and being proactive. Perth Media support has promoted the truffle industry (in WA Business News, The Australian, many regional papers and ABC radio); achieved PR that resulted in the sale of Mark’s own truffle farm; established a long-term dialogue with key global tech reporters and media experts in the tech space for Captivate On Hold; brought home some excellent media results (WA Business and ABC radio); and facilitated a seamless, professional, consistent social media presence, including blogs, podcasts, content calendars, graphics and twitter/facebook campaigns.

Here is a testimonial from Mark Horwood, CEO of Captivate On Hold, for Perth Media. Captivate On Hold provides On Hold products for callers waiting on the telephone, one recently-launched is Interactive On Hold. Most of Captivate On Hold's clients are international, and the firm has an office in South Africa, as well as Perth.

‘Our small business needed a good PR consultancy to expand into global markets from a domestic Perth-based Australian company. None of the ‘big PR firms’ wanted to help as our budget was limited. I met Cate Rocchi through my then chair role of the Truffle Producers of Western Australia in the regional truffle capital of Australia – Manjimup.

Cate was energetic and positive and wanted to help. Her background was PR in agribusiness so we got on well. When time pressures dictated the sale of my profitable truffiere, I appointed Cate to assist with the PR to sell a high-priced property in a depressed market. She was brilliant, we had TV, radio and press articles about the property sale. Agents expected to take one year to sell – it sold in a week, full price cash. A well-orchestrated campaign by Perth Media paid off for me.

From there, my business appointed Perth Media to do another seemingly impossible task, make a 30-year business to look like a global corporation – on a budget.

Cate and her team have struggled to do everything needed within the meagre budget we provided. They achieved some amazing results in social media, improved our corporate presentation no end and have set the scene for the global expansion we requested from them.

Personally, Cate is an energetic woman whose effervescence leads greatness. Her business has grown dramatically with ours and the other clients she has taken on. I recommend Perth Media.’

Perth Media has designed a tailored monthly package for Captivate On Hold, please contact us for more details on 0428431699 today.


Captivate On Hold products to Roll Out on the Faroe Islands: Perth Tech Company Expands Global Reach

Perth Technology Company Captivate on Hold has done a deal with Foroya Tele, near Iceland. Picture: Supplied.

Perth Technology Company Captivate on Hold has done a deal with Foroya Tele, near Iceland. Picture: Supplied.

PERTH: In a WA technology first, Captivate On Hold, has an reached an agreement, worth potentially more than $20,000, with the remote Faroe Island-based telecoms company, Føroya Tele, near Iceland.

Føroya Tele has initially purchased the unique Captivate On Hold enhancement for Music/Messages on Hold in Hosted PBX/Hosted VoIP/Hosted Voice platforms for use in their own business.  Føroya Tele will then offer the product to more than 200 of its clients on the islands.

 Captivate On Hold CEO Mark Horwood said: “The Faroe Islands deal is important as it is the first telco in the world that has come to the decision that they should go exclusively with Captivate.

 “In a crowded market, it takes considerable time to get the message across to large telcos on the other side of the world. But this proves that our Australian technology is the best and that Australia is a reliable and safe provider. At Captivate On Hold, we are hopeful that getting this deal will give confidence to the more than dozen telcos in North America and Europe with whom we are currently working, and they too will eventually trust our world-leading, innovative products, developed right here in Perth. Products which have been proven to keep people on hold and therefore increase the sales of companies’ goods and services.”

The team at Captivate On Hold first met representatives from Føroya Tele at a Global telecommunications trade show in Phoenix Arizona and the deal was agreed this month.

Background Faroe Islands: The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It comprises 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean and is known for its outstanding natural beauty.


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