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Perth Media Expands Team, Client List and Opens New Nedlands Office in Perth


PERTH: Media content and public relations firm — Perth Media Pty Ltd — has opened a new office in Nedlands in line with continuing expansion plans.

The development is the latest news in a series of organic growth milestones for the Perth-based small business.

Perth Media managing director Cate Rocchi said: “Perth Media has, to date, been a small operation but we have consistently built powerful global profiles for our clients through tailored integrated media and communications services.

“We act in an advisory, creative and media service capacity and have a strong network of journalist and broadcast partners and connections, so are uniquely placed to deliver global-standard media management services in the sectors of finance, mining, renewables and agribusiness.”

Perth Media was established in 2015. It rebranded from Cate Rocchi Communications which began in 2011.

Major clients include: resources companies Australian Vanadium (ASX:AVL), VSUN Energy and Bryah Resources (ASX: BYH); urbi; Partners in Grain; and Rockcliffe winery.

The Perth Media team now includes editor/writer Torrance Mendez (formerly of The West Australian).

“Our team — which has welcomed high calibre artists, photographers, former reporters and film makers — produces some of Australia’s best, most consistent media content for corporates,” Ms Rocchi said. “It has taken many years to assemble productive working relationships with such a talented and professional group. We have also been careful to grow our business conservatively, so quality has remained excellent.”

Perth Media values include: staying true to the principles of integrity, authenticity and clarity; continuous improvement; and innovative thinking.

“We remain focused on improving media outcomes for our clients and enjoy the challenge of mixing social and traditional media as we embrace the communications of the future,” she said.

The company’s current list of services are: script/copy writing, investor relations management, content creation, blogs, photography, videography, social media strategy and delivery, infographics, strategic media advisory and support, campaign research, publicity, global TV, radio and press coverage, media training, CV writing and speech writing. Packages are available.

“We know how to achieve publicity and we will give clients authentic advice on which stories and media services they need to reach their customers,” Ms Rocchi said.

Perth Media Pty Ltd is now located at 47 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Perth. For the next four weeks (until November 15, 2018) the company is hosting some rarely-available media release writing sessions ($350) and media presentations, by appointment. There are only eight slots available. Terms and conditions apply.

There are other key developments ongoing such as a website rebrand, which will be launched in 2019.


Cate Rocchi


This story has also appeared in Perth Media’s Adapters column that features in Western Australian Business News.

This story has also appeared in Perth Media’s Adapters column that features in Western Australian Business News.

Blogging Tips: Media Training with Denmark Chamber of Commerce

Last week, we spent several days in Denmark in the remote south coast of Western Australia - one of the state's most beautiful spots. More than 20 came along to a Perth Media training session (facilitated by the Denmark Chamber of Commerce), and here are some of the tips we shared. Happy blogging!

1.     Go with your strengths: vlog, pics, individuals in the team strengths, photos, writing.

2.     The power of great writing is immense, to draw followers/customers.

3.     Positivity important.

4.     Sell your experiences.

5.     Promote events. Events generate news/customers/drives economic development.

6.     Design your blogs with your preferred social media in mind: instagram; twitter; facebook; linkedin..They all have different needs and different audiences, you can't tell/force your customers which social media to use.

7.     Work out how to share your content.

8.     Create content/blog calendar with deadline. Includes testimonials (3rd party endorsements); FAQs (frequency asked questions); video; long and short blogs. Blogs do not mean long columns. There maybe only one long blog each year, but make it a good well-written one.

9.     Content strategy has to be responsive; constantly changing; has to be flexible, and needs to respond to audience.

10.  Content strategy, needs to be seasonal. IE Christmas/Easter/Winter (bonfire themes; bushwalking); writers festival; Denmark Experience; Long table lunches; poetry/music festival, are examples. Festivals provide multiple ideas for content IE performer profiles; acts; reviews; insights of different skills for experiences, IE botanist walks; indigenous experts; cooks; films. Film tours/content on the back of Tim Winton’s Breath. Holiday packages around Breath tours.

11.  Look into possibility of outsourcing editing. Don't be delusional about your own copy/editing skills. It will impact on your brand.

12.  Quirky stories, are gold. ‘For outsiders everything is interesting,' says Creative and Digital consultant Andal Shreedaran at Perth Media. What is wonderful of Denmark and your own individual businesses?

13.  Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. For blog distribution and sharing the load for events.

14.  Always check facts.

15.  Understand copyright.

16.  Build your own collection of images.

17.  Use press release/presspack stories as blogs.

18.  Read, read, read. Seek out good writing, understand the difference between good, mediocre and bad.

19.  Read your own writing aloud. Make every word count. Be strict cutting, and work on making writing clear. Be descriptive but not flowery and over the top.

20.  Volunteer for charity to get experience as a blogger. You can write the stories of those that need assistance, while you polish your craft.

21.  Identify your passions, your strengths, your interests.

22.  Tell only best stories, and start with the very best one first. Focus also on the opening para.

23.  Understand google rankings and the reason blogs impact on business sales.

24.  Develop relationships with other companies/bloggers/publications.

25.  Understand importance of themes in content creation and promotions.

26.  Do something every day, as part of your BD.

27.  Appeal to different target markets of your products. IE kid friendly; backpackers.

28.  Content strategy: incorporate key words, such as ‘Denmark’ ‘tourism’.

29.  The only thing stopping you writing and promoting your business is you.

Or too busy, call Perth Media now. We can help with a content package right now!

Perth Media Blogging with Denmark Chamber of Commerce Next Week

Perth Media blogging workshop next week is on track, organised by Denmark Chamber of Commerce, 22 have booked. Thanks to Liz Jack, Anna Boaden and Claudia Simpson at the Denmark Chamber of Commerce and Jody Ovenden at Celestine Retreat for her encouraging support.

Looking forward to assisting writing skills and developing grassroots expertise.

Perth Media creative and digital consultant, Andal Shreedaran, is also presenting her 'Future of Content' Research, remotely.

Netball Wisdom: Momentum is Crucial and Other Lessons

'Confidence can produce miracles'

'Confidence can produce miracles'

After more than 30 years of hitting the court, winding up with several nasty rolled ankles and an excruciating broken finger in 2015 (yes that did make writing difficult), I am unlikely to play netball or basketball again.

It has been a global journey – from playing for Yanchep Primary School in gold T-shirts and pleated brown skirts at netball land (Kingsley courts near Wanneroo)  when the area surrounding was thick bush not houses in the early 1980s; to school teams; Saturdays in Kununurra; Lords after work in my 20s;  exhibition matches in London; UK teams in the counties; the Australian Association in Hong Kong; and the fantastic Mods at Palmyra and Vixens down at Lakeside, Bibra Lake, in recent years. 

Playing competitive sport has taught so much….about life. Here is a list:

1.              Doesn't matter how good your defense is, if your shooters can’t convert you are never going to win. This reminds me of some clients – their factories are ship shape and products first class, but competitors (with inferior products) have out marketed and out sold them. IE scored more goals.

2.              If someone is a ball hogger, the team is more vulnerable.

3.              Being the prettiest doesn't count – fitness, hard work, skill and effort does.

4.              Oldies can be chocoblock with tricks and tips, and often position their bodies cleverly.

5.              Young players are less likely to shine if bullied and occasionally captains and coaches need to step in to stamp out any nonsense.

6.              Mostly bitching came from girls who weren’t confident or happy within themselvesbut, very rarely, some women just seem to be born nasty.

7.              Even good women can behave badly, everyone needs to help them get back on the right track.

8.              Confidence can produce miracles.

9.              No place for self delusion. You can’t hide from lack of skill. If you are out of your depth, not to worry there is a place for you, at a lower division.

10.           You can forgive a slower player if their hands are safe.

11.           A highly skilled team working well can bring home the cup.

12.           It’s a nicer game if everyone plays by the rules but every now and again there are just some horrible players and there is something wrong with them – you have to sit out the game and wait for things to pass.

13.           Anxiety passes and is sometimes good.

14.           Being flat footed can be disastrous.

15.           You have no idea how good someone is, until they hit the court running.

16.           You have to give it your best shot until the siren, then move onto the next game.

17.           Momentum is crucial.

18.           A good pass out in front is a beautiful thing.

19.           A crap pass behind is annoying.

20.           The game is played differently all over the world and you need to adapt and respect each place. In Kununurra it was practically a full blown contact sport in 1995, while in the UK it was unacceptable to touch the other player.

21.           If you outplay a girl on court, she is not necessarily going to like you and that is ok.

22.           As you age, flexibility is key. In my early 20s at GD, I could often shut down a GA and could turn games but in my 40s (playing with girls in their 20s) I was grateful to be in the team and kept my spot by being crafty in attack.

23.           Positivity is everything.

24.           Negativity destroys chances.

25.           You are responsible for setting high standards of fair play.

26.           Many Aboriginal women in Western Australia are gold: the best kind of women, strong, funny, loyal and talented, and thanks to sport it was my privilege to know and play with many.

27.           Umpires are essential otherwise there is chaos. Always easy to criticize umpires, or anything from the outside, unless you do it.  A stint netball umpiring was a life changing leadership lesson for me.

28.           Women need time to have babies and should be welcomed back and encouraged as they regain their fitness. It you do that you will have a stronger team for a longer period of time.

29.           Women are often let down by babysitters and have to bring their children to the game, and everyone needs to support the mother by welcoming her children.

30.           Silence is often best.

31.           Winging about team mates never helps.

32.           Winning is more fun.

33.           There are NO excuses for being late to a big match.

34.           Your body ages, enjoy every game while you can. Life is short.

35.           Many taller players out rebounded me (no matter how high I tried to jump) and many shorter players were quicker, and that is life.

36.           There is no perfect player. Even stars drop the ball.

37.           On court, no one cares what suburb you live in, who you know or what car you drive. They are concerned about reliability, natural talent and effort, and that is how life should be.

By Perth Media CEO Cate Rocchi



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