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Perth Media's New Service Brochure

Perth Media: Launch of 'Framing Your Story' Autumn Campaign

Graphic: Nic van Straalen

Graphic: Nic van Straalen

The Perth Media team are working on a new autumn campaign: 'Framing Your Story.' We frame the view (of target audiences) by writing and producing high-quality content for digital media campaigns. We highlight the best stories and tell those succinctly and expertly. Stand by for some great case studies. Multimedia campaigns - featuring twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin and traditional PR - are structured into monthly content production calendars.

Digital and Social Media Audit and Content Management Action Plan

By Cate Rocchi and Andal Shreedaran

Content creation, blogs linked to your website and social media management can improve the google ranking of your company and boost its digital footprint. We are here to help and Perth Media is offering 2 initial options throughout January and February, 2017.

Option A, Starter: $550 (1-hour meeting and 2 hours research for written report and action plan); Option B, Standard: $950 (2-hour meeting and 5 hours research for written report and action plan)

The plans include: mapping your digital footprint, audience mapping, strategy analysis and evaluation, and social media planning and strategizing.

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