Innovation in Media Podcast 1: Charlie Caruso and Communicating with Gen Y

Our first Podcast on Innovation in Media is live. Here is Charlie Caruso, one-time founder of PuggleFM and Curiosity, and author of Understanding Y. She talks about brand authenticity and how to connect with the powerful, fickle, bull****detecting six million or so Gen Ys in Australia.

The interview is with Perth Media CEO Cate Rocchi.

Perth Media is producing a series of podcasts focused on media innovation to provide a glimpse into many of Australia's talented media professionals. It will show the huge diversity of professionals, businesses, technology, approaches and products in the media right now. Along the way we hope to discover what the best of the best are doing - what areas are they concentrating on, as this industry changes from month to month. Many of the reporters, comms professionals, vloggers and public relations experts Perth Media will profile, are individuals of the highest integrity who expertly craft stories that make our world a richer, better informed place.

Some work for overseas publications, while others write locally.


Introducing Andal Shreedaran and Quick-Fire Podcasting Media Training in Perth Next Monday

This is global technology PR specialist, writer and podcasting expert, Andal Shreedaran. She is working with Perth Media next Monday morning, 21st November, from 9.30-12.30. Interviewing clients (as a business reporter would) and making podcasts from the interview. Each session consists of a 10-minute formal business-style interview and 20-minute media training workshop, including narrowing down answers for specific questions.  Cost for the completed podcast, and workshop is $200.

This is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your verbal communication and improve your skills answering questions in a formal interview. Andal has global experience assisting the CEOs of technology companies to explain their businesses simply and effectively.